Krueger v. Ameriprise Financial, Inc.

Case Highlights

Status of the Case:

  • Motion to Dismiss denied.
  • Discovery has commenced.
  • On March 20, 2014, the court issued an order on defendants’ motion for summary judgment that found the 3 year SOL dismissed numerous prohibited transaction claims by the plaintiffs. (see below)


  • Excessive Fees
  • Imprudent Investments
  • Institutional Share Classes
  • Proprietary Investments
  • Self-Dealing


Key Defendants:

  • Ameriprise Financial, Inc.

Significant Filings:




  • District of Minnesota
    • Case No. 11-2781


  • District Judge Susan Richard Nelson
  • Magistrate Judge Janie S. Mayeron


  • Ameriprise Financial, Inc.
  • Ameriprise Financial, Inc. Employee Benefits Administration Committee
  • Ameriprise Financial, Inc. 401(K) Investment Committee
  • Compensation And Benefits Committee of The Board of Directors of Ameriprise Financial, Inc.
  • Michelle Rudlong
  • Jeffrey P. Fox
  • Phil Wentzel
  • Jeffrey A. Williams
  • Martin S. Solhaug
  • Kristi L. Peterson
  • Timothy v. Bechtold
  • Brent Sabin
  • Ira D. Hall
  • Warren D. Knowlton
  • W. Walker Lewis
  • Siri S. Marshall
  • Jeffrey Noddle
  • Richard F. Powers, III
  • Robert F. Sharpe, Jr.

Attorneys – Plaintiffs:

  • Foley & Mansfield, PLLP
  • Schlichter Bogard & Denton, LLP

Attorneys – Defendants:

  • Dorsey & Whitney, LLP
  • O’Melveny & Myers, LLP

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